Toronto Screen and Projector Rental

PURE AV is the market leader in Toronto screen and projector rental units. Projector Screen
Projection screens provide an even, smooth, the white-colored area to venture an picture onto. We provide a variety of shapes and dimensions to match most activities and all are free standing. When selecting a display, keep in mind that the larger the display, the lighter you will need the projector. It is sometimes also value dual verifying the dimension your location or conference room to be sure it can provide the display. Keep in mind also that you need to allow for a adequate toss range between the display and whatever kind of projector screen devices you will be using to get the needed picture dimension.
The Draper 92×92" Outfit for the Cinefold Projection Screen Outfit for the display is part of the whole Outfit Kit program. Dresses run along the reduced advantage of the display and cover up many of the wires associated with the projector screen program. They also help avoid undesirable mild from dropping out into the sight of your viewers.

Fireproof pure cotton velour drapery connects with pictures to Fast-Fold and Fast-Fold Luxurious displays and drapery components. Drapery is fully box pleated for a refined, professional overall look. The kit is consists of a valance bar, valance decorate, side cafes, wide side curtains and a long dress that connects to the screen surface without tools.
An optionally available flexible dress bar is available to change the picture part rate. Optional rolling bag is also available. Fast-Fold Luxurious available with dark components for an additional charge. Shades red, dark or greyish.
Our huge Audiovisual & IT lease division has an inventory stock that includes all the main the professions of IT, video clip, sound, illumination & setting up.

Our inventory is a representation of what our clients want to seek the services of, we ask consistently and spend accordingly and we make it all available to you on temporary lease.

Our clients use us anywhere, setting up devices and offering technological innovation solutions to occasion organizers, manufacturing organizations and the independent group. AudioVIsual Services & Equipment lease is what we do. Our clients depend on us to provide the technological innovation side of their activities. We do this with a devoted group of occasion experts who manage your venture from enquiry through to set up.

When customers organize the events or corporate meetings, they might only focus on the selection of the projectors. Because they believe that the quality of the projectors shall determine the quality of the projected images. However, that is part of the answer. The projector screen is also important, which affect the quality of the projected images. Therefore, customers are encouraged to consult the opinions from the PURE AV first.Do not overlook our excellent customer satisfaction either. FOr more info, is the place to be.