Why you need to exploit Steroids?

Why a lot of bodybuilder, athletes, sportsmen uses steroid?

A lot of people appreciate Alex Rodriguez. At the beginning he worked a lot to gain performance and to be in a decent club. He achieved to perform in very popular team, but to participate in Major League Baseball you need to work more fast. To gain brilliant performance it's not enough just to exercise tough and a lot, but you must eat pleasant, to be on diet and a lot of other stuff. For all you requirenecessitate sometime more then 24 hours to make everything to be in form. And when to nap, to contact new peoples, to go somewhere with your companion, if you have a girlfriend you must have time for her too.

So why to consume steroids? Why sportsmen, bodybuilders, athletes are exploiting steroids? If you want to have performance much more easy, to gain time for extra stuff and to sustain your form, you need support. Steroids will assistance you to retain your form, will help you to expand muscle mass much more quicker, will offer you more strength, big capital and you will obtain time for chicks, friends, etc.

When you will walk on the street, when you will go to the gym, when you will go to the pool or when you will go to the beach, everyone will say that you look excellent. Someone will ask you in what way you've succed to be so huge? You look similar as Terminator. How many chicks do you obtain every week? Are you an actor? Have you ever been in movies? Everyone will desire to be you.

It's good to be in the center of attention or not? I think everybody will say YES.

P.S. If you desire to launch your training utilizing steroids please consult first you doctor.